A place to share a few of my photographs.


The First of the Rhubarb

Ready for Pulling

I am well chuffed with the Rhubarb this year. I placed an old Victorian forcing pot over it about 10 days ago to gently bring the young stems on. Today l took the pot off as the leaves were poking their way out of the top. I pulled some stems and we had our first Rhubarb Crumble tonight. Delicious!

The first Rhubarb


Lezardrieux Port

Crane in Mist

This weekend saw some of the highest tides of the year and coincided with sunrise and a lovely mist which slowly burnt back as the tide retreated. Another great photo opportunity!



The Yacht Club

Reflections 2



Reflections 3

Gangway 2

Reflections 4

Global Warming?

Bench life

Sailor Spider


Just chillin'

Roger…what do l say? He is great! After nearly a month he has settled in really well and we are all good friends! Here are a few pics to share.

He also likes watching the TV

And l can really jump!

Me and my Mum

Oi, clear off, l'm trying to have a nap!

We love Rog!

Porz Scaff

Porz Scaff

Another walk with Roger and another lovely area of coastline that we haven’t been back to for some time. It’s only about 15 mins drive from us but tucked out of the way. Big black clouds were rolling in and we had Richard Hawley playing in the car, ‘There’s a Storm A’Comin’, very apt:

There’s a storm Comin’
You’d better run
There’s a storm coming
Goodbye to the sun
There’s a storm comin’
You’d better

Run boy run
You’d better run

There’s a ship that’s sailing
Out in the night
There’s a heart that’s breaking
I think it’s mine
There’s a storm comin’
You’d better

Run boy run
You’d better run.

Porz Scaff 2

As it turned out the rain clouds missed us but we could see someone was getting it on the horizon. Pictures of Roger to follow.

Abbaye de Beauport

Abbaye de Beauport 1

We took Roger for a walk the other day in the grounds of the Abbaye de Beauport just outside of Paimpol. It is in a great location having salt marshes on one side and great views of the sea. It was closed when we went but you can still walk about most of it. Roger liked it too!

Old stone steps

Lonk Avel

Left for Dead

I came across this old boat on the banks of the Trieux early one morning last week while looking for pieces of driftwood for a clients garden. The colours of the decaying wood and flaking paint were highlighted in the early sun. It’s a shame it has just been left to rot but a great photo opportunity for me.

PL In Need of a bit of TLC

Flakey Paint

Keep Off!

A lick of paint should put this right....


Reflections on the Beach

We drove over to Trevou-Treguignec with Roger and had a bracing walk along the beach. No pictures of Roger yet as he never sits still long enough when we are outside!

Rocks and Pebbles

Going for a walk

Walk on By

Contours of a Rock

Beach path

Paimpol Port

Reflections in Paimpol

The following pictures show a small representation of the wide varirty of boats that are moored in the Port at Paimpol.

Fishing Boat



Reflections in the port of Lezardrieux

Sunrise on the Sillon

Restaurants on the Sillon

Up early to catch the sunrise on the Sillon de Talbert and l wasn’t disappointed. With nobody else about l could take my time getting the shots l wanted. Alas, it soon clouded over but l was happy with what l got.

Early clouds

The small lumps in the foreground are lugworm casts. Hundreds of them.

Close up of the lugworm casts.

These rocks make up part of the new sea defences to stop erosion of the fragile sand banks. Well, that's what l am assuming. Personally, l don't think these are necessary as they are not on the sea facing side. I'll try and find out.

My next walk on the Sillon will coincide with a high tide to show it at its best.

Cabbages & Turrets

A field of cabbages

I passed this field of cabbages on my travels yesterday. The light was fading and rain was coming in so it was a challenge to get the right shot. I think l will try again on a sunnier day to compare what shots. The field next to it was of Curly Kale. I have never seen so much being grown in one place before.

I love the textures on this cabbage. Nature’s art work.

A field of Kale



Had to include this which l saw on my way home. Again, l think l will try and capture this on a sunnier day. This, like many of my images, has been edited through Photomatix, a HDR software editing tool. It enables you to produce some incredible images but you must not over do it. I think it works well on architecture. This one needs a little more tweaking to get rid of the flare around the top of the turret.