A place to share a few of my photographs.



Just chillin'

Roger…what do l say? He is great! After nearly a month he has settled in really well and we are all good friends! Here are a few pics to share.

He also likes watching the TV

And l can really jump!

Me and my Mum

Oi, clear off, l'm trying to have a nap!

We love Rog!

Three Little Piggies

One Little Piggy....

We came across these little chaps, Gloucester Old Spot’s, while we were walking with our friend, Jan, close to May Hill. They were beautiful pigs. I couldn’t rear them and kill them. They would end up as life-long pets l am sure.

Pig and His Mates

They wouldn’t stay still so it was hard to get a shot that wasn’t blurred.

Big Ears