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Cabbages & Turrets

A field of cabbages

I passed this field of cabbages on my travels yesterday. The light was fading and rain was coming in so it was a challenge to get the right shot. I think l will try again on a sunnier day to compare what shots. The field next to it was of Curly Kale. I have never seen so much being grown in one place before.

I love the textures on this cabbage. Nature’s art work.

A field of Kale



Had to include this which l saw on my way home. Again, l think l will try and capture this on a sunnier day. This, like many of my images, has been edited through Photomatix, a HDR software editing tool. It enables you to produce some incredible images but you must not over do it. I think it works well on architecture. This one needs a little more tweaking to get rid of the flare around the top of the turret.